Fall Favorites

Hello! I’m so excited about my mom’s first post on H&S! While I know “like mother, like daughter” could become a very overused phrase on this blog, I just have to share what I’ve been snacking on for the past several weeks:

Made in MN… who knew?!

Honey Crisp apples galore!!! I started buying them in large quantities as soon as I saw them stocked in the grocery store. Like my mom, I eat one a day (at least!) and will sometimes add a little peanut butter. :) Although, it’s really not necessary– they are SO GOOD on their own! I love that Mom has been sharing them with her students– that’s super cute. I have to say, I think the Minnesota Honey Crisps have a little something special. I’ll never forget receiving one particular care package from home (I think it was my sophomore year in college) and opening it up to find one of the first Honey Crisps of the season, purchased at the same orchard Mom mentioned in her post. That apple tasted so amazing and made me miss home. It’s funny how something so simple can illicit such an emotional response.

Since we’re on the topic of fall foods, I’ll take this opportunity to share a couple of the delicious seasonal things I’ve been eating lately. First off…

Pumpkin butter. I bought this at the farmer’s market this weekend and let me tell you… it’s good. After a long struggle with its particularly stubborn top (I had to run it under hot water like 3 times!) I finally busted open the goods and I’ve been putting it on oatmeal, yogurt, and eating it straight out of the jar. It’s sweet, but not too sweet, and definitely tastes more decadent than 30 calories per tbsp. Pumpkin flavored stuff just tastes like fall.

During Superstorm Sandy, I roasted an acorn squash using this recipe. I didn’t have any butter, so I drizzled some olive oil on the squash instead (although I would definitely use butter next time). After I roasted it, I just scooped it out of the skin and kind of shredded it. I just finished the last of it with my dinner. I’ve been enjoying it with a (heavy) sprinkle of brown sugar– it’s like dessert.

Hope you’re enjoying some fall flavors wherever you are!

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